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        Since 2001, the BCFED Health & Safety Centre has developed leading-edge training for adults in BC.

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        Know Your Rights

        All workers in British Columbia have four basic Health & Safety Rights. You are legally entitled to educational leave.

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        Young Workers

        Through the Alive After 5 program we offer training for young workers in high schools and employment programs.

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        Recent News

        COVID-19 Resource Bulletin

        Posted By Ingrid Ericson

        These are turbulent times yet one unwavering constant is a worker’s right to a safe workplace. We’ve compiled a? Resource Bulletin for those who want to know how their health & safety rights continue to protect workers in British Columbia. Please share widely and co

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        April 14, 2020 No Comments

        New Sections to the WCB Occupational Health and Safety Regulation

        Posted By BCFED Health and Safety Centre

        Three?new sections to the WCB Occupational Health and Safety Regulation went into effect April 3, 2017: ? Section 3.26: Requires an annual evaluation to measure the effectiveness of joint committees. ? Section 3.27: Establishes the mandatory minimum training and e

        Read More

        January 28, 2019 No Comments

        Occupational Health & Safety for Federally Regulated Workplaces

        Posted By BCFED Health and Safety Centre

        In the coming months, the BCFED Health & Safety Centre will be offering many?of our most popular eight-hour?Health & Safety Education courses developed specifically for federally regulated workplaces?throughout BC.

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        March 8, 2017 No Comments

        What People Are Saying

        Strains, Aches & Pains

        "Awesome course. Need more like this with lots of discussion and interaction."

        OH&S Part 1 (Basic)

        "After being safety captain for many years and after having taking many courses, this course was the most informative and well presented. Course instructor was very well-spoken and did a very professional job!"

        OH&S Part 2 (Advanced)

        "Great course-enthusiastic; thought the course would be a little dry but it was delightfully presented; Plan on getting managers to attend. Looking forward to more courses."

        Prevention of Violence

        "A fabulous workshop that was very informative, had an excellent facilitator and feel I have enhanced my knowledge, skills, and abilities."

        Chemical Hazards

        "I wish all the workers in my workplace had this course."

        OH&S Part 1 (Basic)

        "I felt that this course has taught me my responsibilities as a manager to my employees. I feel encouraged & excited about implementing a health & safety committee in my unit with confidence of knowledge. I would love to further my education in this field."

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